The Importance of Regular Garbage Can Cleaning for Public Health
Casey Eversten
March 10, 2023
Regular Garbage Can Cleaning

Well, it’s already holding trash, so why would I need to clean my garbage can?

Every day we dispose of bags full of rotten food, paper towels, takeout containers, and other types of waste into our garbage cans.

As time passes, the garbage can itself comes into contact with the trash. It can get filthy, leaving bacteria, germs, and that nasty smell in the open, threatening public health. Regular garbage cleaning can help alleviate this problem. 

At garbage can cleaning company Bin Blasters, we understand the importance of regular garbage cleaning for public health. And that’s why we offer excellent cleaning services that can transform even the nastiest garbage cans, making them squeaky clean. 

Read on to learn more about why trash can cleaning is crucial for maintaining public health and sanitation and why you need to take advantage of our garbage cleaning services. 

Why Regular Garbage Can Cleaning is Important for Public Health

Garbage can cleaning services tend to be an afterthought for most people, if at all. Most people think that quickly washing a garbage can with a hose is enough. However, improper garbage can cleaning poses health risks to both humans and animals.

This is because filthy and smelly garbage cans are breeding grounds for harmful bacteria that cause several diseases, attract insects and pests such as flies and rodents, cause air pollution (unpleasant odors), cause water contamination, and more. 

Garbage Can Cleaning - jet washing the wheely bin

Here’s a look at how regular garbage cleaning can help prevent these issues and help maintain a clean and healthy environment for the public: 

1. Eliminates Unpleasant Odors 

With all the malodorous items, including rotting food and disposable diapers, we throw them into our garbage cans. It’s not surprising that we can’t resist the urge to cover our noses every time we take out new trash.

Liquid waste, in particular, can leak through even the tiniest tears in a garbage bag and seep into your garbage can. And even if you’re using odor-protection garbage bags, the unpleasant smell can still permeate the area around your garbage can.

The foul smell spreads faster in warmer weather due to humidity and heat. Regular trash bin cleaning can eliminate the odor long before it becomes an issue.

2. Eliminate Disease-Causing Germs 

Throwing away unwanted food, used diapers, and other waste can infect your garbage cans with germs and bacteria, such as E-Coli, Listeria, and Salmonella, that can expose you to various diseases. 

Irregularly washing out your trash cans with hoses won’t get the job done. The remaining germs from incomplete washes are breeding grounds for harmful bacteria and germs. Regularly using a trash can cleaning service can eliminate germs, keeping you and the general public safe. 

3. Get Rid of Flies and Maggots

Dirty garbage cans are a haven for flies. It not only offers them food and shelter but also a breeding ground—when you don’t clean your trash can, a layer of miss organic material forms in the container, which is excellent for nesting.

While seeing flies around your garbage can is irritating, what’s even worse is seeing maggots crawling through your waste. Irritation aside, flies are thought to transmit diseases such as cholera, typhoid fever, and yaws.

They mechanically transmit disease organisms by regurgitating and excreting wherever they go to rest. Regularly cleaning your garbage cans will ensure they are clean and odor-free, thereby keeping flies away. 

4. Keep Wild Animals Out 

Do you live in an area with wild animals? If so, you’ve probably seen wild animals such as raccoons, rodents, vultures, wild dogs and cats, and crows around your trash can. Most of these animals are attracted to the smell of trash.

Once these animals find your trash, it can be difficult to stop them. If you clean your trash cans regularly, these animals won’t bother you because nothing will draw their attention. 

5. Improves Curb Appeal 

Cleaning garbage cans isn’t only a matter of health and sanitation; it can also ensure you get the most out of your curb appeal. Clean garbage cans give your house and property a sense of curb appeal and demonstrate a clean and healthy lifestyle. 

Moreover, when your garbage cans look fresh and clean, taking out trash stops becoming much of a chore. You won’t have to worry about the foul smell, encountering unwanted creatures, or accidentally smudging your clothes. Needless to say, dirty garbage cans can prevent you from achieving this feat. 

Why Use Professional Garbage Can Cleaning Services 

Row of garbage bins lined up along the roadside

The professional trash bin cleaning process is highly efficient, using 20-30% less water than manual washing. It also uses cleaning solutions that can get rid of dirt and bacteria while causing little or no harm to the environment and ensures proper disposal of the contaminated water. As such, it’s an environmentally friendly way of cleaning your garbage cans. 

Bin Blasters Offer Garbage Can Cleaning Services in UT, IL, AZ, and NV

Bin Blasters strives to make your garbage can cleaning experience convenient and easy. We have a specialized garbage can cleaning truck designed to clean and deodorize your outdoor garbage, compost, and recycling cans.

With us, your garbage cans will be sanitized and left smelling fresh. Moreover, we will collect any excess water from the cleaning process and either dump or recycle it according to the regulations. Call us today at 800-479-0945 for garbage cleaning services. Our service plans are customized to fit your needs.


Where should garbage cans be cleaned? 

The best location is an open outdoor space with suitable drainage to guarantee good cleaning and prevent mess.

Can you use drain cleaner in a garbage disposal?

It is not recommended as harsh chemicals might damage the disposal unit and pipes. Choose professional maintenance from outdoor garbage can cleaning service Bin Blasters.

Casey Eversten
March 10, 2023